MEDICAL DINAMO LAB officially unveiled

MEDICAL DINAMO LAB officially unveiled

President Sardara unveils the state-of-the-art medical staff during a press conference at Dinamo Club House.

This morning, at Dinamo Club House, in Sassari, was presented the brand new Medical Dinamo Lab project, born from the synergy between the club and the first team medical staff, with the aim to unite the medical expertise of the Biancoblu which will benefit professional athletes and private patients alike.  Introducing the initiative to journalists of television, press media and agencies, Dinamo owner Mr. Stefano Sardara and doctors Dr. Andrea Manunta, Dr. Antonello Cuccuru, Dr. Giuseppe Casu, Dr. Gianni Moi, Dr. Giommaria Ventura, Dr. Giuseppe Fais , Simone Unali, Ugo D'Alessandro along with the physical trainer Matteo Boccolini.

Mr. Sardara made the honors: "Today is a big day because we announce a great project in which Dinamo is involved but who was born by the activity of excellence that in recent years has been developed thanks to the collaboration between the first team players and our medical staff. Today this staff becomes Medical Dinamo Lab: these professionals have decided to join and set up a composite team that allows the patient/customer, not necessarily with physical problems, to take advantage of the screening of our lab that has all the excellence and state-of-the-art technologies to solve and prevent the most varied issues, studying the interactions that exist between the different areas of expertise. It is a pool of specialized doctors who, along with the physical trainer and physiotherapists, have been working side by side to Dinamo over the years, accepting so many challenges with the players who have played for Sassari _explains Sardara_. We could mention so many cases of players that have been treated in recent years through synergistic work and professional comparison, finding solutions to injuries and issues often linked to different interactions. The most interesting aspect of this collaboration is to put all the casework on top of that, along with the one already recorded in these years, which also plays a key role in research. We are happy and proud to introduce this initiative and that Dinamo has been the vehicle that has led to the creation of this team of excellence, whose top-level business is already at the service of the first team athletes. "

Next to speak was Prof. Andrea Manunta, staff orthopedist: "We are already playing a role in the field of sport traumatology through the Healthcare Company but with this new project we intend to face new challenges. For example, all patients will be subjected to ADN testing and, by simply picking up some saliva, it will be possible to trace the possibility of predisposition to ligament rupture. Let's look at the future with the aim of preventing and optimizing athletic performance. "

Dr. Gianni Moi: "Everyone in his specificity will put his expertise at the service of the team, we decided to unite for all those sports companies that want to take advantage of our collaboration. For example, in Ortsan we have a four-dimensional evaluation of the movement, an examination which we submit to the players themselves in the preseason check and which allows us to customize the loads and prevent injuries. "

Dr. Giommaria Ventura: "I think it is important to point out that we are creating a high quality medical lab that combines a series of excellences, something unique in our island, certainly rare in the national field. Everybody, athletes and not, will be able to use a preventive screening to identify and prevent any problems. "

Dr. Casu: "Our first target are youngsters in the evolutionary age, in whom we have to grasp the gnatological problems that are the basis of paramorphisms and structured problems, intervening in the growth phase to be able to correct them."

The project. Combining skills and work synergistically to study and preserve the health of athletes and patients: this is the founding goal of Medical Dinamo Lab, a project created by the collaboration between the doctors and professionals of the biancoblu staff under the club's coordination. The synergy between these professionals led to the creation of a multidisciplinary lab at the service of sporting companies and interested users who will be able to take advantage of a 360-degree screening to highlight any problem and predisposition. The staff will create special training programs and packages for professionals and amateurs, athletes during the off-season.

Medical Dinamo Lab staff. Here the Medical Dinamo Lab staff: Andrea Manunta (Orthopaedist), Antonello Cuccuru (Sport Doctor), Giuseppe Casu (Primary Doctor), Giuseppe Fais (Radiologist and Ecographist), Giommaria Ventura (Orthodontist), Gianni Moi (Orthopaedic technician), Francesco Dettori (Cardiologist), Patrizia Piras (Dermatologist) and Robert Pisanu (Chiropractor);  physiotherapists Simone Unali, Andrea Giordo, Raffaele Cabizza and Ugo D'Alessandro; first team physical trainer Matteo Boccolini.