Devecchi Giacomo

#8 Devecchi Giacomo

Place of birth S.Angelo Lodigiano

Date of birth 02/04/1985

Nationality ITA

Role Guardia-Ala

Height 196 cm

Weight 88 kg


Eleventh season with the Dinamo jersey, second as the team capitan. With the white and blue he has won everything and he has always been a main character in the ascent of the team from league B1 to the promotion in A2 first and then in the maximum series, till the extraordinary win that in 2014-15 has brought the historic ‘triplete’ with Supercoppa, Coppa Italia and Scudetto.

Great defender, with time he has visibly improved and fine tuned his offensive dimension, trashing the etiquette of “just-defender”, becoming a mature player, complete and dangerous in the offense, a needed player in the rotations. Already a leading role in the past and recent white n’blue successes, blocking the most dangerous rival players and taking advantage of his mixed abilities between defense and offense, scoring heavy points when needed. Jack is a cornerstone for the team.


He grew in the youth sector of Olimpia Milano, in 2004 he moved to Sutor Montegranaro, where he gained access, through play-offs to the major basketball league in 2006.

From the following season he plays with the Dinamo Jersey, team with whom he became a mature, full-rounded player, playing more than 200 games in the Serie A and making a debut in Eurocup and Euroleague, in which he was awarded with the best steal of the maximum continental season of 2014-2015.


Raised in the youth sector of Olimpia Milan, in 2004 he moved to Sutor Montegranaro (3.6 points of average in 19 minutes), where, accessing through play-offs, he reached the promotion to A1 in 2006. From 2007 he plays with the Dinamo jersey, team with which he begins his seventh consecutive season and with which, after obtaining a second place in Lega2, a play-offs final and a league A; after a heated final with Veroli, he obtained, for two times, a place in the playoffs for the “scudetto”, with a participation to the Final Eight, semifinal actually lost with the Italian champions of Montepaschi and the historic access to the European Eurocup. Cornerstone of the rooster designed by coach Sacchetti, also in the two very first wins of the blu n’ whites in Lega A, “Jack” has repeatedly shown to be able to face off the “giants” of the series A, both in defense and offense. Jack is an “element” that has built his career improving day by day, showing to be an athlete that fits perfectly the Serie A. 


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