Reale Mutua

The Company Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni is the biggest Insurance company in Italy. It guarantees every type of insurance, in different ways: from damages or life insurances. It’s business focuses in providing insurance services with innovative solutions, for the individual, families, business and professionals.

Founded in 1828, Reale Mutua has almost two centuries of history behind; history characterized by professionalism, reliability and innovations, traits that are still contemporary and that make the company an excellence in its field.

The goal of the company is deeply linked to its nature: always position the partners/ clients at the center of its attentions, granting quality and reliable performances, constantly offered by skilled personnel.

In the Mutual Insurance, the Client that subscribes for an insurance policy becomes a Partner and, as such, enjoys numerous benefits. Among those benefits we include the benefits of mutuality, which consists, in case of damage insurances, in reducing the insurance premium and, for life insurances, in the optimization of the insurance performances originally offered in the policy.

The Company highlights a financial soundness which is one of the highest in the world, proven by an solvency ratio of 455% at the end 2014.

With more than 1.300 employees and 343 agencies distributed in the entire mainland, Reale Mutua is the leading company of Reale Group, a group of insurance companies present both in Italy and in Spain that employs more than 3.000 persons and that provides insurance for more than three millions and seven hundred thousands people with a total of 3.7 billions of euros worth in insurance premiums.

The interest towards its Partners is also manifested through initiatives of Social Responsibilities. Sustainability as matter of fact is a fundamental value for Reale Mutua, which from the very beginning, adopts an ethical and transparent management of its businesses, paying particular attention to the social, the environment and the community as a whole.

Reale Mutua and Dinamo Banco di Sardegna have built a strong relationship based on common values that fuel the sport project started by Dinamo. This relationship is going on from more than five years now and all of this was possible because of the innovative nature of Reale Mutua.

Dinamo & Reale Mutua: five years together

Luca Filippone - Direttore Generale di Reale Mutua «Its a collaboration that goes on from five years now and its very strong. We always had a good tradition of sport collaborations; they have always been very important for us, because we share the values that characterize sports and because we find numerous similarities between the world of sports and the organization of our company. The white’n blue club, through its team, was able to create a strong network between local and away businesses and we happened to be fitting very well in this network, because it was based on the same values that have longly associated our realities. Indeed we appreciate also the sport results but mostly what makes our collaboration so harmonious, are the numerous shared values. Companies and clubs that think alike are also able to work in deep synergy.».

What are the common values between the two realities?

«A recurring theme is the bond with the territory. We are present everywhere in Italy and, we are really bound with the territory. We are particularly linked to Dinamo, which has worked to push the project carried out by the Dinamo Banco di Sardegna, to the entire Island. Moreover we put the people first, as Dinamo likewise does, paying particular attention to the most indigent. Also we share the idea of teamwork, in our case teamwork between coworkers. Finally we share values that are cornerstones of the sport world, such as: loyalty, respect, determination and will to improve. We take this values and we implement them, everyday in our work-ethics.».

Sportive approach and business gestation: elements functional to the development of a project.

«The sports metaphor linked to the management of a team is a great value for the businesses. We had the pleasure, the joy and the honor to have the entire team in occasion of some conventions; moments in which we took the cue from Dinamo’s experience. On the other hand, I believe that nowadays the sport realities have to take some inspiration from the business management. Today is not possible to not have a long-term planning, a project and a clear mission, organization and attention to details. This is the strength of Dinamo: plan and project on a long-term.».

Reale Mutua, has recently launched the “Wellness Program”, clue of a renewed attention to society and sport

«From years we have been close to the sport world. The strongest sponsoring presence was probably during the Winter Olympic and Paralympic games in Turin 2006, where we were the main sponsor. Then the Master Games, sponsoring Turin as the European Capital of Sport 2015, the National rugby team and, obviously, “our feather in the cap”, Dinamo Banco di Sardegna, Italian champion of basketball. We recognize to sports important values, a social and educational function besides a factor less visible but demonstrated: the correlation between sport and the health of whom practices it, gaining from it a beneficial impact. We believe that health and welfare could become two areas of interest for our future insuring business. For this reason mostly, we have launched a new line of products that provide, for who proves to be active and to keep herself/ himself in shape, sales in some forms of health polices.».

What, speaking about marketing strategies, makes the union Dinamo- Reale Mutua work?

«They both are strong brands, which look forward to strengthen even more. This last basketball season coincided with a particular moment for us: we launched our new brand for all the companies of the group and we were able to link it to Dinamo, which paying in Euroleague, was able to carry it around all Europe and particularly in Spain, where we are strongly present. This is strongly positive. Two societies, Reale and Dinamo, that have manifested and demonstrated on the field their will to grow their notoriety. Two realities that follow the same path of affirmation of their values, on which stand their businesses. I am a Juventus supporter (Juventus Soccer Team), but contradicting an historic president of Juventus, I say that winning is not what matters most. We are proud to be associated to Dinamo for what it is and for what it stands for».

What is the potential of the investment you made in correlation to the objectives that Dinamo has reached?

«It is surely an investment that was acknowledged in therms of notoriety and visibility, but also an investment to strengthen the content and the image that we want to share of our company. I want to stress out how linked we are to the values held by Dinamo, which are also our values and represent the content that we want associated to our brand.».

Values, excellence, territory: recurrent words

«As well as Dinamo has done, we try to highlight the excellences of the territory to put them in relation with the territory itself. Our excellences in the territory are our agents. It’s not a coincidence that Stefano Sardara is also one of our agents, extraordinary excellence in the Sardinian territory, as well as the other agents that work in the Island. We tried to express this idea in some of our initiatives. I remember an event that we organized in occasion of the Reale Mutua Cup: a charity game where Dinamo played against Manital Torino. The revenue of the night was devolved to Aisla Onlus, which already collaborates with Dinamo, and to Marco Berry Onlus. A great way of portraying that Reale Mutua and Dinamo, believe in what they do».

What are the next objectives of Reale Mutua?

«We want to continue to grow. We want to do it in Italy and in Spain, markets in which we already operate and maybe reach other markets: it is one of our ambitions. We aim at growing in the world of welfare, because we believe that its necessary, especially in light of the fact that many Italians are facing issues to afford some of the public health services: we believe to have an important role on this matter, firstly a social role and then one related to the business. We want to serve as best as we can our insured Partners, an objective that we want to pursue with continuity and constance. Let me make an example on this matter: regarding prevention and healthcare, in the frame of our initiative “Young Vips”, in this months we have given to the children or grandchildren of our associates, a specialistic check-up, functional to the sport practice, or alternatively an ophthalmological visit or a check-up from the dentist. An operation that has allowed us to recognize to our associates an important specificity. Also we want to ensure a long lasting future to our company, in therms of financial solidity and ability to innovate, changing alongside the market. We want to continue to consolidate our role as an Insurance company, which is our distinctive role, focusing on the people and particularly to our Associates».

What goals can Dinamo and RealeMutua, achieve together?

«We can reach all of them. We have no limits. But first we shall continue to feed the great values that combine our identities. Values that have proven to be good, rich and of course winning.».

Luca Filippone
Direttore Generale di Reale Mutua