Tiscali S.p.A. was founded in January 1998, following the liberalization of the telecommunications market. Today, after having affirmed its role as independent operator of telecommunications in Europe and after having broadened its boundaries, focusing its business in Italy, the company distinguishes itself from the competition for a gamut of integrated services (calls and data) which are simple, reliable and fast, pursuing in the same time the objective of enriching its offer of line-services with voice & data plans and Over The Top services, that confirm its vocation as an innovative operator, careful to the news of the global market of telecommunications.

With the headquarter in Cagliari, the company takes its name from an ancient Nuragic village, localized in the center of Sardinia, that dates back to more than 2000 years ago. For centuries, the village has been a shelter for the Sardinian inhabitants, from the attacks of enemy populations and as a shelter it has always been characterized by an absolute silence. From the “land of silence” and the isolation, from a small island of the Mediterranean sea, Tiscali has broken the rules of the monopoly and the name of a silent village has become the name of a project that has brought the foundation of an international company.

Designed as a phone carrier and regional Internet Service Provider, Tiscali quickly expands its activity to the mainland and internationally, differentiating from the competitors for the original services and a strategic, out of the box, vision.

In March 1999 Tiscali launched the first free Internet Service, pushing significantly forward the market and affirming its identity as innovator and first-mover. Thanks to its original offers and to the reliability of its network and the flexibility of a young organization, Tiscali is able to overcome the monopolies, contributing in a decisive way to change the rules of the market.

In October 1999, the society was quoted on the stock exchange, gaining the financial resources needed to support the expansion plan that brought the company to be one of the top-players internationally. Between 2000 and 2001, through different fusions and acquisitions, the group was able to consolidate the numerous independent European Internet Service Providers. Among the biggest operations are listed: the acquisitions of World Online International, operator based in Holland with a marked presence in Europe and South Africa, and the Liberty Surf, one of the main operators in France.

In the years, the management of Tiscali’s Group was able to face the numerous challenges of the market, developing a business model that was coherent with the fast developing technologies and with the regulation of the sector. Thanks to this fact, today Tiscali continues to be one of the independent telecommunications companies that has focused its business on the market with the highest growth rate and with the highest value generating potential: Italy.

A goal that was possible to reach thanks to the an internal hierarchy that allows fast decisions and the development of a business model integrated and founded on a mainly fiber-optic network based on IP technology that extends trough numerous countries in the world.

Thanks to a network in constant expansion, geared with DSLAM of last generation, Tiscali is able to offer to its customers a wide gamut of innovative services of internet access (ADSL 2 Plus up to 24 MB), calls (VoIP and a mobile carrier service), medias (Portale), B2B and services defined Over the Top that satisfy the needs of the customers (Indoona, mobile VoIP and chat, Streamera, live streaming, Streamago, app of live streaming on Facebook, Istella the Italian web browser).

Dinamo and Tiscali, two Sardinian excellences, how was the relationship between this two identities born?

Cristiana Mura - Chief of Marketing and Communications at Tiscali «First of all for attachment to our homeland. Then for communion of intents, for passion, for shared values and of course because of a business approach focused on shared objectives that make us almost accomplices in developing an important partnership of quality. Values that combine the two identities and that are fundamental to accept the challenges of two sectors that are quite dynamic and competitive, such as the ones in which Dinamo and Tiscali operate. Naturally we speak of a synergy that is born and that grows with the acknowledgment of the results reached by both the excellences».

A lively and modern partnership that stands on innovations and new technologies of communication. How important is communication? How important is innovation? How important is sport as a vehicle to broadcast a message?

«To communicate in the right way, for a brand, is getting harder and harder, because the clients are much more aware, informed and needy, they go beyond the mere functional aspects. A positive customer experience is for sure a critical factor for the success in our field. According to this point of view, the ability to involve the customers and to make them live a truly new experience is very important. Moreover, we have developed a good leverage merging the technology and innovation of Tiscali with the positive values and the ability to enthusiasm the crowds demonstrated by Dinamo. It’s fundamental to invest into sponsorships in an innovative way and we are trying to do so».

Sponsoring Dinamo: emotional engagement or possible chance to gain more visibility?

«Both are important factors. For a brand, the ability to communicate through sport means mainly to have the possibility to communicate on a exclusive platform, characterized by a relevant emotional charge. Every sponsor usually looks for this emotional energy, because it allows to associate its name to something memorable in the mind of the supporters, that are also possible customers. Therefore this permits us to work on the brand image and to consolidate our relationship with our clients. I would say, that both the emotional engagement and the brand visibility are both two aspect that have a fundamental role in the strategic choice of a sport sponsorship.».

How important is Tiscali to increase the brand equity of Dinamo? And how important is Dinamo for Tiscali?

«I believe that the advantages for both brand equity are considerable. The reciprocal affinities allow to naturally develop products that have positive effects on the brand value. The keywords are clearly innovation, digital and technology, which, if well utilized, permit to involve and create memorability of the sided brands. There are also, opportunities to gain a good coverage on the main broadcasts and to sustain the notoriety, thanks to the association with Dinamo, which is a point of reference in the international sport panorama. The collaboration is a fertile ground to experiment new initiatives that involve the supporters, to tell more about the team and to get it closer to the supporters through web TV, online streaming and aimed action on-site during sport events. All this services are provided by the technology supported by Tiscali».

The business owned by Renato Soru has bet on Dinamo. Dinamo last year has won the Scudetto, the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa, playing for the last two years in the Eurolegue. What is the potential of the investment that Tiscali made, in relation to the results of Dinamo?

«The potential is clear, not only because we are talking about a team that has reached memorable results, but also because this results were achieved through a professional work. The opportunity to work with a team of this caliber translates in the possibility to strengthen the brand marketing and therefore to experiment innovative projects. Tiscali is an internet provider, but also a media company, this opens us several opportunities: from following the team on the official channel on our portal, to the streaming of the most important events. Our technology and the web are solids grounds on which stand our projects for the supporters. In this way the potential of such investment has almost limitless outcomes thanks also to the people that we met and with which we work. An open management, inclusive and reactive; able to keep the pace of innovation of technology and of communication, together with Tiscali.».

What characterizes and makes unique the partnership between Dinamo and Tiscali?

«Maybe we feel to be, together with you, Italian Champions. For sure its the only opportunity to be the partner of a team with such strong attachment to the homeland. This allow us to come closer to a customer, that will see the relationship of the two brands as the natural result of a collaboration of two identities that are so important for Sardinia.».

What does, marketing speaking, make effective the relationship between Dinamo and Tiscali?

«This union between the brands is designed to fit a market strategy that has the objective of building a long lasting project, working on the brand image. This is what made us extend and broaden out partnership with Dinamo which begun in 2013. Sport is a great allied, because it carries positive values. Moreover is a mean of communication, that is well integrated and completed. This is what we saw in the relationship with Dinamo and this is what we want to carry on in the future.».

What has Tiscali given and can still give to Dinamo? What has Dinamo given and can still give to Tiscali?

«The positive outcome that we are expecting is the association of our brand to a team that embraces such positive values. The sponsoring brand is unconsciously recalled by the supporter that associates it to the good moments that the game brings. We also talk about “transversal communication” that together with the technologies provided by Tiscali, can reach particular targets in a more direct way: teenagers, students and then millennials, the people born from the 80s till the year 2000, whom have fully lived the technological revolution. We are speaking about generations that lived the development of web, generations that know what they want and know how to find it online. We are deeply committed to the partnership with Dinamo, because we believe that from this partnership there will be a mutual growth.».

How important it is to create synergies between the subjects of the same territory? What can this synergy bring to the said territory? How important is to make the brand international?

«Without a doubt the collaborations of multiple strong identities of the same territory is beneficial for everyone. They highlight the skills and promote new values, helping capitalize the resources of the same territory. Uniting the strength of this two businesses is helpful to reinforce the productivity of the land. New projects and activities will bring new demand for workers and in the same tame will help export the name of the territory abroad. In this case, Sardinia. In this perspective internationalization plays a crucial role. Tiscali, in its history had numerous expansion phases, that brought the brand to international realities, exporting Italian talents in the world of technologies and networks. This expansion also worked to promote the image of the brad at the national level, making Tiscali a respected player in its field.».

What are the next challenges for Tiscali or in general the businesses that operate in the same field?

«Tiscali is one of the main telecommunication companies in Italy and it provides to its customers, privates and businesses, a wide gamut of services, ranging from voice services to Internet broadband, to media services. Moreover we provide, from the last two years, a line of services know as Over the Top, more specifically services that are provided online, which reinforce our ecosystem. For example we have Indoona, the messaging app or Streamago to post live videos on Facebook or Streamera to create your personal webtv or Istella, the search engine powered by Tiscali. This shows what we are doing to follow the technological progresses, trying to provide the customer with the best up to date services. Smartphones and Tablets are improving day by day, bringing every time more functions. We are committed to be always a step ahead to the technological progresses, trying to satisfy the need of customers that are more and more connected to the internet. Tiscali is moving in this direction, with new offers for the ultra broadband for land services and mobile».

Cristiana Mura
Chief of Marketing and Communications at Tiscali