Lydeka Tautvydas

#16 Lydeka Tautvydas

Nato a Druskininkai (LIT)

Nato il 13/10/1983

Nazionalità LIT

Ruolo Centro

Altezza 208 cm

Peso 115 kg


Rugged physique, solid player, an important asset in defense as well as in offense, where he stands out for his blocks, for his ability to cut to the basket and for the offensive rebounds. Class 1983, great experience on his shoulders, perfect team-player, tailored for hard work and sacrifice. In the Dinamo that is growing, is physical abilities as well as is experiences playing basketball will be of undoubted importance. He is a mix of talent, experience and will to improve and stand out, which perfectly marries the philosophy of Dinamo Basketball.

Tau, as we know him here, has travelled a lot throughout Europe, distinguishing himself first with Cantù, then with Pesaro. Then, he had a brief parenthesis in Argentina, playing for San Lorenzo de Almagra, which ended with his return to Pesaro.